Behavioral Problems Related to Abuse or Trauma

Abuse and trauma are generally separated. While abuse stems from a human action that makes the victim suffer, trauma usually comes from an unfortunate situation the victim never saw coming or couldn’t avoid. However, their effects on the mind and life are very similar. Behavioral Changes Resulting from Abuse Abusive homes are notorious for producing … Read more

Tell-Tale Signs of a Functional Addict

The media gives us images of haggard, homeless addicts ranting, fighting or getting into accidents while high or drunk, but not all addictions are so simple to spot. Many individuals maintain a functional addiction for months or even years before drug use begins to take an observable toll on their lives. This does not mean … Read more

The Descent into Heroin Addiction

It’s relatively easy for most people to perceive heroin addicts as freaks, fools or victims, without realizing how easy it is to become one or how many otherwise respectable and responsible people have developed this disease. Hollywood depictions of junkies in abandoned buildings make it even easier for decent people to assume that this could … Read more

The Dangers of Abusing Multiple Depressants

Mixing or combining multiple depressants is considered dangerous because they can magnify each other’s effects causing severe and potentially fatal results. Depressant is a generic term for a wide variety of central nervous system (CNS) depressants. Some of the most common CNS depressants include the following: Alcohol Barbiturates Benzodiazepines Marijuana Morphine Heroin Hydrocodone Other opioids … Read more

Refugees and Mental Health Issues

Many refugees are resettled in the United States because of persecution based on political opinion, religion, or race in their home countries. Refugees often arrive in the United States and Canada strongly affected by war or political conflicts. They cannot or do not want to return to their homes, but every day they have to … Read more