Why Living a Sober Life Requires Support

Why Living a Sober Life Requires Support

Staying sober once you leave rehab requires a strong support system

During addiction treatment, users receive personal attention from therapists, instructors and other professionals who help users understand their addiction. They not only teach users how to avoid drugs, but they also work through the underlying causes of addiction to discourage relapse in the future. However, after addiction treatment ends, users leaves rehab centers and the support systems they were parts of during this phase of recovery. If you attend addiction treatment, then after you leave it you must find a support system to help you when you return home. Only you can control your addiction, but having a support system will make things easier for you while it creates a place to turn during difficult moments.

Why Do I Need Support After Addiction Treatment Ends?

After addiction treatment ends, you may think you have received all the treatment you need to recover from addiction, but recovery is never truly over. When you leave a treatment center, you must return to the pressure and stress of the real world, which may drive you back to substance abuse. However, having a support system in place outside the treatment center will keep you accountable for your actions, provide positive influences while you change your behavior and give you sources of encouragement during difficult times.

Can I Recover from Addiction Without a Support System?

Attempting to recover from addiction without a support system in place is difficult, if not impossible. Some users lack close family ties and close friends, but there are other ways to find support in recovery, such as by attending aftercare like therapy or support groups. Without a support system, you will have no one to talk to about your daily struggles with addiction or cravings, and you will have no one to call if you face the temptation to relapse. Having someone to call during a tough moment is critical, and without that help you further expose yourself to renewed drug abuse. During addiction treatment you received personal attention and care, so with support after treatment you can continue receiving some of the attention that helped you quit using drugs, but this time as you face each day on your own. In other words, you can recover from addiction without support, but it is quite difficult to do this, so it is unadvisable.

Start Recovery from Addiction

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