Why Do I Have to Go to Therapy During Rehab?

Why Do I Have to Go to Therapy During Rehab?

Therapy during rehab for drug abuse and addiction is one of the most essential aspects to overall recovery

Therapy during rehab for drug abuse and addiction is one of the most essential aspects to overall recovery and the ability to maintain long-term sobriety. Addicts who seek out drug treatment from a professional rehab service can benefit in numerous ways from one-on-one therapy as well as group therapy sessions. Therapy during rehab is conducted by a trained professional specifically equipped to provide help, advice and general treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Therapy sessions typically occur on a daily basis throughout the duration of the treatment program. The therapist’s overall aim is to help the recovering addict understand more about why he struggles with addiction and how he can begin to overcome it. Therapy is included in a rehab program for the following beneficial reasons:

  • To help identify the negative thought patterns that potentially lead to poor decision making about drug use
  • To replace negative thought patterns with healthy and positive thought patterns that support continued sobriety and boost self-esteem
  • To equip the addict with a constructive source of ongoing support from the beneficial relationship with the therapist
  • To build up confidence in recovery efforts
  • To reinforce the addicts self-image and level of self-worth
  • To empower and equip the addict with a desire to change his circumstances
  • To equip the addict with the ability and desire to overcome peer pressure
  • To help the addict develop the necessary skills to maintain long-term sobriety

Personalized one-on-one therapy is one of the most beneficial aspects of rehab because it connects with the addict on a more personal level than other forms of therapy could. However, other methods of therapy such a group therapy can have numerous benefits as well.

The Benefits of Group Therapy

Many recovering addicts may view group therapy in a negative light when in reality it has numerous benefits to their personal road to recovery. Some of the benefits of group therapy during rehab can include the following:

  • Connecting with and supporting other addicts who have experienced similar struggles in life
  • Hearing the triumphs and failures of peers can help an addict learn from the mistakes of others and find personal hope in the success of others
  • Allowing an addict to realize that he or she is not alone and while the personal circumstances are unique he also has similarities to the struggles of others
  • Allows addicts to be open with peers and learn how to positively interact with others

Utilizing both one-on-one therapy as well as group therapy can provide the best recovery results. When an addict opens in therapy sessions he begins to realize how it benefits his personal journey to a safe and healthy recovery.

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