Using Drugs to Cope with Spousal Abuse

Using Drugs to Cope with Spousal AbuseDealing with abuse, violence, and fear is no way to live; unfortunately, many who live with spousal abuse find themselves leaning on drugs to try and cope. This does not have to be your reality for any longer. You can get help for addiction and abuse; you can learn how to find the strength that you need to transform your life.

Dangers of Addiction and Family Violence

The dangers of drugs, alcoholism and family violence are all generally well-known, but usually if they occur separately. When combined, there is a strong increase in the dangers that you could be facing. The dangers of combining the problems are as follows:

  • When you are under the influence, you will be unable to escape to safety if the violence escalates
  • When in an altered mental state, you will be unable to judge what behaviors are acceptable, which could lead to a potentially life-threatening situation
  • You may be unable to protect yourself or your children during violence
  • Your spouse may use your drug-altered state of mind as an excuse for further abusive behavior
  • If you do call for help when you are under the influence, first responders might not be sympathetic to your situation; especially if your spouse is sober and speaking on your behalf
  • You may face a life-threatening situation should you accidentally overdose as a result of increased stress, trauma, or fear

Getting help for violence and addiction can secure your path to a much brighter and happier future; one in which you are in full control.

Help with Spousal Abuse and Drug Abuse

Your addiction and abuse can put you in a uniquely vulnerable position. These can make you feel like reaching out for help will be useless because you are coping with two overwhelming issues. However, there is help. There are people and organizations who want to help you. You do not need to live with addiction, mental illness and abuse, especially when you reach out for treatment.

Not only will we help you work through your addiction, but we will also provide you with resources to end domestic violence; this information can help you regain control of your life. Family violence resources will get you back on your feet, move you out of your difficult home situation, and also provide help with caring for your children.

If reunification of the family is your ultimate goal, then we can provide you with the resources that can help your abusive spouse to get treatment. No matter what, there is no excuse for domestic violence. You do not need to live with it any longer.

Helpline for Spousal Abuse and Drug Addiction

Please call our toll-free helpline which is open 24 hours a day. We have a rich network of resources that can help you with you addiction and family violence issues. Calls are free and confidential. Our compassionate counselors can provide you with all of the resources you need to break free from this life of addiction, mental illness, and abuse. We are here to help. Please call us today.