Women in the Army with Eating Disorders

Women in the Army and other branches of military service are at increased risk for developing an eating disorder and suffer from eating disorders at higher rates than their civilian counterparts. This fact has been established by multiple studies conducted by both military personnel and civilian doctors. Studies of Eating Disorders among Military Women Two … Read more

Domestic Violence and PTSD

There is a great deal of evidence showing a correlation between domestic violence and PTSD. Much of this evidence is related to PTSD resulting from serving in the military. While there are several cases of men and women who have suffered from domestic violence or abuse from a partner who has PTSD resulting from military … Read more

Women in the Navy with Eating Disorders

When one thinks of women with eating disorders, one likely thinks of women who work in the fields of modeling, acting, dancing or entertainment, rather than women in the armed forces. However, women across all spectrums of the armed forces, especially the navy, experience difficulties maintaining their weight through healthy practices. This struggle can lead … Read more