The Importance of Fighting Addiction as a Whole

The Importance of Fighting Addiction as a Whole

Because addiction is so complex, treating just one of its components is not enough

Addiction is a disease that affects every area of life, so rehab must address these same areas to improve recovery lifestyle and to reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Components of Addiction

Many people think addiction is nothing more than substance abuse; they see people abusing drugs and wonder why they cannot simply stop. Unfortunately if recovery were really this simple, then it would be a much more attainable goal. The problem is that addiction is much more than simply drinking or using drugsā€”it is a complex disease with physical, mental, emotional, familial and spiritual components.

The physical component of addiction varies greatly between addicts. Depending on the substance used and the severity of addiction, different effects will occur. However, all addictions damage the body in some way.

Addiction also interrupts mental and emotional processes, which may be apparent to the addict, but hidden to everyone else. When mental and emotional health are out of balance, it becomes more difficult to manage physical health, family life and spirituality.

The familial components of addiction are often the first to be forgotten. It is easy to notice how drug abuse damages an addict physically, mentally and spiritually, but it harder to notice how drugs affect families. Lastly, addiction plagues spiritual concerns. The physical, mental, emotional and familial components of addiction all hinder spirituality, which is even true of those who were strong in faith before addiction began.

Holistic Treatment for Addiction

Because addiction is so complex, treating just one of its components is not enough; every component must be addressed for recovery to succeed. Fortunately, many treatment centers offer holistic treatment that focuses on the whole person, so you simply need to know what to inquire about when looking for treatment.

If your addiction has taken a toll on your physical health, then ask potential treatment centers what services they offer in regard to nutrition and exercise. You may also ask how they coordinate their care to accommodate your health conditions that could weaken your treatment.

Additionally, if you have loved ones who have been involved or impacted by your addiction, then ask that center how it assists friends and family. Some centers offer family therapy while others refer family members to specific support groups. Lastly, if spirituality is important to you, then ask about any spiritual services at the treatment center. While many 12-step support groups address spirituality, some offer additional services.

Find Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

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