The Connection between Violence, Addiction and Mental Illness

The Connection between Violence, Addiction and Mental IllnessThere is a strong connection between addiction and family violence. An addiction can drive a person to uncharacteristic behaviors that can be harmful to the other family members. Domestic violence is never acceptable under any circumstances, not even when the abuser is in an altered state of mind. Getting professional help for violence and addiction is essential to the safety and well-being of your entire family.

How Domestic Violence Starts

Not all addicts become violent when under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The start of an abusive cycle can be slow and progressive, but there is never any excuse for it. However violence may begin in the following ways:

  • The non-addicted spouse might point out that there is money missing and might question where it went; this can lead to intense arguments as the addict goes on the immediate defense
  • With the escalation of financial troubles, arguments may also escalate
  • The addicted individual might use violence when money matters come up, or when the other spouse withholds money
  • As the addiction progresses, the violent tendencies might also progress
  • Children in the home may become the targets of the violent behavior if they are perceived as not behaving well enough
  • Mental illnesses, like bipolar disorder and depression, can also contribute to addictive behaviors and violence

Addicts are rarely in control of themselves, as an addiction can completely change a person from someone you once admired into someone you fear and don’t recognize. Addiction, mental illness and abuse do not make for a healthy home situation in which to raise children.

Getting professional help for addiction and abuse can transform your home into one that is safe, secure, and stable enough to raise children.

How Counseling Helps Domestic Violence, Addiction and Mental Illness

What kind of help can you expect to get? Let’s take a quick look at some of the types of help you might benefit from. The following various treatments offer considerable help:

  • Family counseling can go a long way to help victims of abuse with the recovery process
    Support groups offer the much-needed support and camaraderie found amongst others who have gone through similar situations
  • Should you need it, there are many shelters for victims of domestic abuse. These places provide a safe haven for you and your children to stay until your abusive spouse is removed from the home.
  • Our knowledgeable counselors can put you in touch with an interventionist who will be able to help you and your loved ones stage a safe addiction intervention
  • Encouraging your spouse to seek out rehab can restore a sense of stability to your family
    Unless you get help for addiction and family violence, you could be facing the very real risk of child protective services removing your children from your custody.

Professional Help for Violence, Addiction and Mental Illness

Please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. Speak confidentially about your situation with one of our compassionate counselors who can recommend several options for you and your family. Violence is never acceptable; we can help you and your family remove the violence from your lives. Call us today.