Recovery after Learning Abusive Patterns in Childhood

Recovery after Learning Abusive Patterns in ChildhoodChildren who grow up in a household where addiction is present are at greater risk to develop an addiction of their own. Adult children of addicts can find themselves struggling with an addiction that has its roots deep in their childhood.

Understanding Addiction

Understanding what causes addiction may help you to move on from the addictive patterns that you have formed as an adult. Every person, family experiences and addictions are different, and the causes of addiction are unique to each drug or alcohol user. Your addicted family members may have influenced your addiction in the following ways:

  • Growing up a household where addictive behavior is a way of life can lead adult children of alcoholics to believe that this type of behavior is the norm
  • Children of addicted parents may fail to recognize the warning signs of their own addiction
  • Parents who are addicts may not provide a stable home environment for their children which can lead children to develop mental health and emotional concerns that contribute to addiction
  • Self-medicating can lead to the development of an addiction that feels familiar and normal
  • Constant battling and struggling with parents who cannot stay sober can lead adult children to lean on drugs and alcohol as a means of coping or managing stress

Overcoming family addiction when there is a strong background of substance abuse is challenging, but it is possible with the right type of support and treatment.

The Right Addiction Treatment Program

Finding a treatment program that meets your unique needs for recovery doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are facilities all around the country that can provide you with the highest levels of quality rehab treatment. Programs can be tailored to be as unique as you, your childhood, your family life and your current situation. Dual Diagnosis rehab programs can identify the mental and emotional issues that may have led to your addiction, and a customized treatment plan will work to treat your unique needs. By identifying those abusive patterns that you learned in childhood, you will be able to come to terms with them and start the process of healing. We are all shaped and defined by our childhood experiences, but we all have the power to define our futures. Yours can be future in which you can stay sober and be a positive role model for your family and friends.

Find Addiction Support

Call our toll-free helpline today and learn about your options for recovery. Our counselors can help you to identify the type of treatment that will best help you with breaking the cycle of and overcoming family addiction, and we can help you find treatment that is covered by your insurance. Calls are completely confidential and are handled with the care and sensitivity that you deserve. Call us today. We are here 24 hours a day to help you regain control of your life.