Recovering from Addiction and a Traumatic Childhood

Recovering from Addiction and a Traumatic ChildhoodThe effects and symptoms of trauma can spill over into adulthood for someone who experienced a traumatic childhood and never received professional treatment. These effects can lead to the development of a co-occurring addiction problem. If substance abuse and trauma are governing the way you live your life, it is vital that you reach out for professional trauma treatment.

Why You Can’t Get over Trauma Easily

If you haven’t received trauma treatment for the traumas sustained during childhood and have developed an addiction as a means to self-medicate your symptoms, you will find long-term recovery incredibly challenging. When you can’t get over traumatic experiences from your past, you may experience some of the following effects:

  • Feeling nervous, jumpy, constantly on edge and easily startled
  • Having severe flashbacks that feel entirely too real
  • An inability to meet or trust new people
  • Withdrawing from friends and family members and opting to spend time alone instead
  • Having a difficult time establishing and maintaining healthy sleeping routines
  • Being quick to anger and lose your temper
  • Turning to drugs and alcohol as a means to suppress your symptoms

Addiction and trauma form a vicious cycle. Your trauma led to the addiction, the addiction prevents you from seeking help for the trauma. You will continue to suffer the symptoms of trauma and turn to drug or alcohol abuse for temporary relief. The key to recovery from drug abuse and trauma or alcoholism and trauma is to treat both the addiction and the underlying trauma as individual pieces of a whole puzzle.

Integrated Treatment for Trauma and Substance Abuse

If you use drugs or turn to alcohol because of trauma that is haunting, you can benefit from trauma rehab help in the following ways:

  • Rehab offers intensive therapy sessions that work at your pace to help you deal with trauma
  • Rehab offers individual therapy, group counseling sessions and family sessions that can help you and your loved ones understand what you are going through
  • Substance abuse and trauma treatment will allow you to resume a life that is productive and healthy

Call Our Helpline for Immediate Addiction and Trauma Support

If you are unsuccessfully dealing with trauma and a substance abuse problem, call our toll-free helpline today. You will be able to confidentially discuss your substance abuse and trauma with our compassionate counselors, and we can develop a treatment plan that will work for you. We offer help for trauma, addiction and restoring your life to one that is healthy and happy.