Grief Counseling and Addiction Recovery

Grief can develop in response to a variety of different things, such as the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a miscarriage, and retirement. Anytime there is a loss or a transition, grief can occur, especially if the feelings and emotions surrounding the loss or transition are extremely intense. Every person who goes through … Read more

Effects of PTSD on Physical Health

Many people believe that stress is only detrimental to mental health, but the truth is that stress affects the entire body’s ability to function properly. It can cause a wide variety of symptoms, from upset stomach to back pain. Those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) experience persistent flashbacks of traumatic events, creating high levels … Read more

Burglary and Prescription Drug Abuse

Stating that prescription drug abuse can lead to criminal behavior and burglary may seem far-fetched to some, but there is statistical evidence showing the link between these two issues. In many locations where there has been an increase in crime rates and criminal activity, there has also been an increase in prescription drug abuse during … Read more

PTSD and Eating Disorders

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a form of anxiety disorder that results after exposure to an extreme traumatic stressor, possibly involving actual or threatened death, serious injury or threat to one’s physical integrity. In addition to this diagnostic criterion, children can develop PTSD after experiencing inappropriate sexual experiences, even if there is no threat of actual … Read more

How Pathological Stress Affects PTSD

Stress is a person’s emotional and physical response to problematic stimuli. It is a normal physiological process, and is necessary for some events. However, when stress overwhelms a person’s ability to cope, it is considered pathological stress. This type of stress damages nearly all bodily systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, digestive, circulatory, nervous, muscular, endocrine and … Read more