Refugees and Mental Health Issues

Many refugees are resettled in the United States because of persecution based on political opinion, religion, or race in their home countries. Refugees often arrive in the United States and Canada strongly affected by war or political conflicts. They cannot or do not want to return to their homes, but every day they have to … Read more

How Trauma Affects Mental Health

If you have experienced a traumatic situation and you can’t seem to get past it, you are not alone. Learn more about trauma’s impact on mental health, and find out how you can effectively treat trauma and live a happy life. What Is Trauma? Trauma happens when a person experiences an event that is life-threatening, … Read more

Dissociative Disorders and Addiction

From time to time, every person experiences a lapse in memory or struggles with personal identity. However, some people experience this to a much greater extent. When this occurs, it may be called a dissociative disorder. The struggles associated with these disorders are often highly distressing and can lead an affected person to abuse drugs … Read more

Substance-Induced Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar is a mood disorder characterized by alternating emotional episodes, which can include the following: Depressive episode – Extreme state of sadness, despair, hopelessness and apathy Manic episode – Emotional high featuring overconfidence, restlessness, and irritability Mixed state – Symptoms of manic and depressive states appearing concurrently The Schizophrenia Bulletin journal in 2007 cited several … Read more