How Your Sobriety Leaves a Positive Legacy

How Your Sobriety Leaves a Positive Legacy

Your recovery can leave a positive legacy for your family, friends and community

When people overcome substance abuse or addiction, they often maintain a powerful connection to others involved in the recovery process. In fact, people who succeed in addiction recovery often feel called to help others who are going through similar situations. These people may become leaders and active participants in recovery support, and they may even find work in community or nationwide groups. They may also sponsor other addicts and change their careers to the recovery field.

When someone is walking proof that sobriety is not only possible, but also vital, then she has the power to leave a positive legacy for her recovery world, her friends and her family. A recovering addict can greatly influence other people who want to get and stay sober; she can inspire and motivate addicts as she proves that recovery is feasible. One’s positive attitude can break the stigmas attached to addiction, and their advocacy can be contagious.

A life of sobriety will leave a positive legacy for more than just the people involved in treatment and recovery. Recovering addicts are walking proof of treatment success, so they will impact their friends, families and communities. Society must learn to accept that addiction is a disease, because then it will know that addicts need neither judgment nor discrimination; instead, drug users need direction and support. Therefore, when someone achieves and maintains sobriety, he shows his community that recovery is obtainable. Families can learn from a success story, as can friends, teammates, coworkers and neighbors. When someone overcomes a drug habit to lead a positive life, then others will take note, which may crack the foundations of bigotry against addicts. In short, while seeing an addict return to drugs will increase the the stigmas of addiction, a positive legacy will accomplish the opposite.

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