Get out of an Abusive Relationship and Get Addiction Help Now

Get out of an abusive relationship and get addiction help now

Are you in an abusive relationship? Do you feel afraid of the person you love, or have the fights you experience with a loved one become out of control? Do you need time away from your living situation so that you can pull your thoughts together and get well? Do you and your loved one keep each other addicted? There is help and hope. You can get out of an abusive relationship, and you can get addiction help now.

The Cycle of Abuse: How It Keeps You Trapped

Physical abuse and domestic violence are all about control. The person who is abusing wants total control of the situation and the other person. Anyone can be abused regardless of age, gender or relationship. You may feel shame, guilt or a sense of responsibility about your situation, but you are not alone.

Abuse operates in a cycle. First there is a period of happiness and possibly even romance. Tension begins to build. This can be a trying time, and eventually an abusive or violent event occurs. The situation may seem frightening, overwhelming or worse.

Your abusive partner may try to beg forgiveness or repair the damaged relationship, but the cycle will begin again and will only become more violent over time. This cycle of abuse can scar the victim physically and emotionally, and they may feel they can never escape the situation no matter how hard they try. However even when things seem hopeless, there is a way out.

Abuse and Addiction Rehabilitation Offers a Safe Place to Clear Your Mind

Abuse takes its toll on your health and happiness. You may start to spend more time away from home or spend more time locked inside your home. You may have problems at work or even be unable to work, and drug or alcohol use may offer temporary relief.

Some people become used to living on the edge with abusive partners or deny an abuse problem based on the fact that the abusive partner is gentle and kind when not using drugs or when not upset. At specialty rehab facilities those facing abusive behavior and problems with substance abuse will get the care and space needed to clear their minds and receive quality treatment in a comfortable setting.