Tell-Tale Signs of a Functional Addict

The media gives us images of haggard, homeless addicts ranting, fighting or getting into accidents while high or drunk, but not all addictions are so simple to spot. Many individuals maintain a functional addiction for months or even years before drug use begins to take an observable toll on their lives. This does not mean … Read more

How Alcohol Affects PTSD

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious physical and psychological condition that is caused by exposure to intensely stressful circumstances and experiences such as the following: Battlefield violence Natural disasters Violent crimes Physical or sexual abuse The sudden loss of a loved one Intense economic hardship Proximity to explosions Long-term, low-level harassment or bullying During … Read more

Dissociative Disorders and Addiction

From time to time, every person experiences a lapse in memory or struggles with personal identity. However, some people experience this to a much greater extent. When this occurs, it may be called a dissociative disorder. The struggles associated with these disorders are often highly distressing and can lead an affected person to abuse drugs … Read more

Despair and Drug Addiction

Despair can often be an overpowering and overwhelming emotion that can lead to excessive drug abuse and sometimes overdoses. Despair differs from feelings of sadness and depression because it is the absolute bottom of an emotional state. Despair is characterized by a complete abandonment and absence of hope. It leaves people in utter turmoil with … Read more