Domestic Violence and Addiction

Addiction thrives on distress, anxiety and pain. Domestic violence encourages the emotions that lead to chemical dependency, as well as co-occurring mental disorders that affect both the victims and perpetrators of this kind of abuse. Psychological Effects for Victims of Domestic Violence Domestic violence has enormous psychological implications for the victim including the following: Feelings … Read more

Men, Rape and Addiction Awareness

One of the most common causes of addiction is exposure to trauma. There are many types of experiences that can be considered traumatic including the following: Battlefield violence Explosions Exposure to death Car accidents Being the victim of violent crime Financial devastation Natural disasters Assault These experiences and many others like them are too intense … Read more

The Connection between Violence, Addiction and Mental Illness

There is a strong connection between addiction and family violence. An addiction can drive a person to uncharacteristic behaviors that can be harmful to the other family members. Domestic violence is never acceptable under any circumstances, not even when the abuser is in an altered state of mind. Getting professional help for violence and addiction … Read more

Alcoholism and Domestic Abuse Help

, domestic violence and alcoholism are serious problems in the United States and Canada. Hundreds of thousands struggle with the dangerous dynamic of alcohol abuse and family violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence, please remember that this page may show up in your Internet history. For your safety, please delete your Web … Read more

Has Digital Media Affected Process Addictions?

When its fifth edition debuted in 2013, the authoritative Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) officially added a process addiction category. A motivating factor for inclusion was the similarity in neurobiological, motivational and reward-system changes involved in both process and substance addictions. Pathological gambling landed the first entry, and DSM-V identified Internet addiction … Read more